Transforming Education for Every Child: A Practical Handbook

Binding: 7
Pages: 162
Pub Date: 13/04/2006
ISBN: 9781855391154
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Quick overview Including guidelines and information on the key components of personalizing learning, this book offers activities to support personal, team and whole school understanding. It provides a range of diagnostic and developmental activities that can be used to support planning and implementation. It focuses on learning and teaching strategies; and more.
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This companion volume to Personalizing Learning: Transforming education for every child provides a complete range of specially developed activities to help implement personalizing learning in schools. Topics include: successful learning and teaching strategies incorporating learning styles using assessment for learning mentoring programmes creating personal learning plans developing a dialogue with your students. As well as a comprehensive set of practical materials, this book provides essential guidelines and information for school leaders, CPD coordinators, advisors and consultants concerned with leading change in schools. Supports personal understanding and planning Provides team development activities Included resources and ideas for professional development

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