Time limited therapy in primary care

Author: Bryant-Jefferie
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 128
Pub Date: 30/06/2003
ISBN: 9781857759990
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Quick overview Full of practical advice and insights into the counselling relationship in primary care, this book examines the effectiveness of time-limited therapy. It uses fictitious dialogue throughout to illustrate its points from a person-centred perspective.
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"Many counsellors who work in primary care find it difficult to explain to colleagues in the primary care team what they actually do with clients behind the closed door of their room. In this book the author brings to life in a gripping way what really does go on when a counsellor sees a patient in the primary healthcare setting. It's good to read for once a book that describes so realistically and movingly the minute-by-minute account of what actually happens, not a book describing clever therapists getting it right all the time. The book should be required reading for newly appointed non-clinical managers of counselling services and for primary healthcare staff about to start working with a counsellor as a member of their team." - Graham Curtis Jenkins in his Foreword

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