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    The Wild

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    ISBN: 9780192782625
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    AuthorZommer, Yuval
    Pub Date05/10/2023
    Publisher: O.U.P.
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    When humanity takes too much from the Wild it starts to suffer. For the Wild to be well again someone must be brave enough to raise their voice. A modern fable with a hopeful and powerful message.

    Once upon a time, somewhere not far away, was the Wild. The Wild was huge and giving,
    and everything from insects, to birds, to humans made their home in it. At first, people lived lightly and took what they needed, but when they started to take more, the Wild suffered. For the Wild to be healthy, someone must be brave enough to raise their voice . . .

    Yuval Zommer's lyrical modern fable has a hopeful and powerful message about how our environment needs us just as much as we need it.