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    Art of Creative Research: A Field Guide for Writers

    £12.15 £13.50

    Assignment: Or, on the Observing of the Observer of the Observed

    £10.35 £11.50
    The wife of a psychiatrist has been raped and killed near a desert ruin in North Africa. Her husband hires a woman named F to reconstruct the unsolved crime in a documentary film. F is soon thrust into a paranoid world of international espionage where everyone is watched - including the watchers.

    Authors of the Impossible

    £23.40 £26.00
    Looks at how the paranormal bridges the sacred and the scientific. This title deals with: the cultural history of telepathy, teleportation, and UFOs; a ghostly love story; the occult dimensions of science fiction; Cold War psychic espionage; galactic colonialism; and, the intimate relationship between consciousness and culture.

    Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction

    £7.65 £8.50

    Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine

    £20.25 £22.50

    Book Clubs: Women and the Uses of Reading in Everyday Life

    £24.30 £27.00
    Why do women join book clubs? What do the women discuss when they meet? to answer questions like these, Long spent years observing and participating in women's book clubs in the Houston area. She discovered that members find reading a crucial way for them to reflect on their lives.

    Chicago Guide to Communicating Science

    £21.60 £24.00

    Chicago Guide to English Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation

    £30.60 £34.00
    "The definitive guide for writers who want their prose to be both memorable and correct"--

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