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The Hittites: Lost Civilizations

Author: Stone, Damien
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 192
Pub Date: 01/02/2023
Publisher: reaktion books
ISBN: 9781789146844
Availability: In Stock
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Quick overview A fine introduction to the culture and art of the Hittites, a vibrant civilization that flourished in central Anatolia from the 17th to the 13th century BC.
Product description

Famed for their skill in battle, the Hittites flourished in central Anatolia from the seventeenth to the thirteenth century BC. They were much more than a military power, however - their religion held particular reverence for the sun and storms that provided fertility to their land, and their eclectic art produced some of the most unique rock-cut relief carvings of the Bronze Age.

The Hittites is a fine introduction to the culture and art of this vibrant civilization. The book narrates the colourful succession of Hittite kings and their queens, complete with assassinations, intrigues and an evil stepmother banished for witchcraft. It also looks at the Hittite language, the first known example of the Indo-European language from which English descends, and considers the Hittites' legacy today.

'Based on substantial research and written in a clear, elegant style, Damien Stone's book presents for the general reader a concise coverage of all aspects of Hittite history and civilization, from the beginning of the Bronze Age Hittite era down to the Neo-Hittite kingdoms which followed the Hittite empire's collapse.' - Trevor Bryce, Honorary Professor in Classics, the University of Queensland, and author of The Kingdom of the Hittites

'An engaging adventure through the land of Hatti that explores not only the complexity of Hittite society, but the rich legacy of textual and material remains that have survived antiquity. Skilfully written, The Hittites is brimming with historical anecdotes and characters - a joy to read.' - Candace Richards, Assistant Curator Nicholson Collection, Chau Chak Wing Museum, The University of Sydney

'For hundreds of years the Hittite kings, from their citadel in highland Turkey, played a dominant role in the international politics of the Eastern Mediterranean. In this highly readable account, rich in detail and wide in scope, Damien Stone explores the fascinating world of the Hittites, empire-builders and innovators, by weaving a tapestry that draws equally from material and textual remains. Stone offers a clear outline of complex issues and debates and provides insight into the social and economic structures of the civilization. We not only marvel at the innovations of the Hittite military, but meet literate female ritual specialists, learn about the world's first trade embargo and wonder at the forging of relations between human and divine.' - Margaret C. Miller, Emerita Professor of Classical Archaeology, The University of Sydney

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