Teaching travel and tourism 14+

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 160
Pub Date: 01/10/2010
ISBN: 9780335238262
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Quick overview Through interactive exercises, case studies and exemplar resources this book provides the reader with a foundation of usable activities to develop a variety of teaching and learning strategies which will enhance their delivery of the Travel and Tourism curriculum.
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Travel and Tourism has become an integral part of many countries' economies. As a rapidly changing, multidisciplinary subject, there are many approaches to teaching it. This book brings together the theory and practice of learning for Travel and Tourism as a vocational pathway offering the educational practitioner a pedagogical framework for the delivery of their subject. Huggett and Pownall outline the vast range of programmes and qualifications you may encounter in your teaching. They also consider the skills, knowledge and understanding learners need to develop, taking into account the life experiences and aspirations of different groups of learners, and consider how these are transferable from one sub-sector to another. The range of job roles within the Travel and Tourism industry is immense and will continue to evolve. As well as private industry, the authors consider the public and voluntary sectors and look at organizations that have been set up to support and benefit tourism, taking into account policies and initiatives that stakeholders introduce.
This book supports trainee and experienced teachers in developing exciting and engaging Travel and Tourism programmes for learners 14+ whether in schools, colleges, higher education or in-service training. About "The Teaching 14+ series": written to support the unique challenges of teaching vocational subjects, "The Teaching 14+ series" provides the pedagogical skills required to become a successful teacher. Alongside coverage of issues and debates, the series includes interactive exercises, case studies and activities that can be used to develop a variety of teaching and learning strategies to improve the delivery of these subjects.

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