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Teaching in Lifelong Learning 3ed

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: 29/11/2018
ISBN: 9780335247981
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Product description

Addressing the Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers, this bestselling textbook helpfully balances theory and practice, introducing key theories and concepts relating to learning and assessment as well as providing practical advice on teaching.

Extensively revised and updated to reflect the current educational policy environment, this textbook for teaching provides thorough and extensive coverage of the topics for higher-level awards in Education and Training. The textbook provides a logical progression through the essential aspects of teaching, such as planning and assessment; it considers key related areas including teacher professionalism, equality and diversity, and mentoring and coaching; and it presents this invaluable guidance in an accessible and readable format.

In outlining the challenges, opportunities, and debates in and around lifelong learning, the editors and contributing authors draw on their extensive teaching experience, as well as offering an evidence-based approach with a wide range of research.
Teaching in Lifelong Learning: A Guide to Theory and Practice is core reading for those teaching or preparing to teach in further, higher and community education as well as in public sector contexts and in private training organisations, including those studying for CertEd/PGCE and related awards, such as the Level 4 Certificate and Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training.

'Teacher education in FE continues to be an important and unresolved issue, and this book is a great asset in supporting individuals in understanding and developing their practices. With a focus on developing critical, inquiring practitioners, the text reads like an experienced mentor sharing pointers, questions, and useful readings over a collegial cup of coffee'.
Dr Tim Herrick, Senior University Teacher, University of Sheffield, UK

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