Teaching Languages Creatively

Author: Hood, Philip (University of Nottingham,
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 154
Pub Date: 12/10/2018
Publisher: ROUTLEDGE
ISBN: 9781138699663
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Product description

Teaching Languages Creatively brings together the experience of international primary language experts to explore creative teaching and learning in primary languages. Drawing on the latest research and theory and illustrated with ideas and case studies from real schools, it covers key topics, including:

engaging students in the target language;

celebrating bilingualism in the classroom;

incorporating technology into modern teaching;

integrating language learning across the curriculum;

successful transitions;

learning languages through singing, storytelling and dance.

Ideal for primary trainee teachers, newly qualified teachers, and established teachers looking for creative new ideas to enrich the learning experience of their students, Teaching Languages Creatively is an essential guide for inspiring the love of languages that is so vital for young learners.

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