Teaching Assistants' Guide to Managing Classroom Behaviour

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 112
Pub Date: 29/09/2005
ISBN: 9780415351195
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Quick overview This book, specially written with Teaching Assistants in mind, looks at common behaviour problems in schools, explains typical causes of misbehaviour and shows what Teaching Assistants can do to tackle and tame disruptive children in their care.
Product description

A practical and authoritative guide to common behaviour problems in the classroom, this book explaines typical causes of misbehaviour and shows what teaching assistants can do to calm disruptive children. Using a range of case studies discussed from a teaching assistant's perspective, Susan Bentham explores: * the role of the teaching assistant in relation to school behaviour policies * when and how to reward good behaviour * why we need to understand the reason for bad behaviour in order to deal with it * how to implement behaviour strategies that really work. Mirroring the course content of most teaching assistant GNVQ and Foundation degree qualifications, Bentham highlights how practitioners can learn from their experiences and develop new skills and coping strategies, which will free them up to concentrate on the most important part of the job: supporting learning. In an expanding market, this guide is a must-buy for any teaching assistant finding that disrupted classrooms are becoming their biggest challenge.

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