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The Pocket Detective: 100+ Puzzles

Paperback, 18/10/2018, £7.99
Polish off your magnifying glass and step into the shoes of your favourite detectives as you unlock tantalising clues and solve intricate puzzles. There are over 100 criminally teasing challenges to be scrutinised, including word searches, anagrams, snapshot covers, and crosswords - a favourite puzzle of crime fiction's golden age.

Swallowed By a Whale: How to Survive the Writing Life

Hardback, 29/10/2020, £14.99
In this specially-commissioned anthology, sixty accomplished authors share secrets and insights into their writing lives: on their inspirations, methods, wild ideas and daily routines; on the pleasure and the pain in achieving their literary goals; on how they started out and how they hope to continue.

The Tree of Heaven

Paperback, 19/03/2020, £9.99
The Tree of Heaven follows the fortunes of the Harrison family as the children grow up in the shadow of the First World War and Dorothy's brothers go off, one by one, to the trenches, while she becomes involved with the suffrage movement, and later joins a version of the Women's Social and Political Union.

Spaceworlds: Stories of Life in the Void

Paperback, 25/03/2021, £9.99
Since space flight was achieved, and long before, science fiction writers have been imagining a myriad of stories set in the darkness beyond our atmosphere. With the Library's matchless collection of periodicals and magazines at his fingertips, Mike Ashley presents a stellar selection of these tales from the infinite void.

A History of the Second World War in 100 Maps

Hardback, 01/10/2020, £35.00
In this highly original work Jeremy Black, one of world's leading military and cartographic historians, shows how fundamental maps were to the conflict as he charts its historical sweep across each of the major theatres.

Due to a Death

Paperback, 10/04/2021, £8.99
When the news of a girl found dead on the marsh spreads round the local area, Agnes, unsure of her purpose in life, casts her mind back through the past few days to find the links between her husband, his friends, a mysterious stranger new to the village and a case of bloody murder.


Paperback, 03/09/2020, £9.99
Since her mother's death Jennifer has devoted years of her life to her father, managing the family home and acting as his secretary. After the sudden announcement that he has taken a new wife, Jennifer, at 33, seizes the opportunity to lead an independent life.

Minor Hauntings: Chilling Tales of Spectral Youth

Paperback, 29/04/2021, £8.99
A cradle rocking itself in a dusty chamber; an echoing giggle from somewhere upstairs; the feeling of a small hand in yours in the wilderness of a misty moor... In this spine-tingling new collection Jen Baker gathers the most chilling tales of hauntings by children, expertly paired with snippets of the folklore and urban legends which inspired them.


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