Student Phrase Book: Vocabulary for Writing at University

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 232
Pub Date: 03/05/2013
ISBN: 9780230289338
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Quick overview This guide will help students gain the knowledge and confidence to use appropriate words and phrases in an academic context, whatever their discipline or level of study. Used as a reference tool, it will help students to communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively by using words precisely and avoiding common mistakes.
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To write successfully at university you need to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively; imprecise or incorrect word use will lessen both the clarity and the credibility of your work. This book gives you an accessible 'way in' to words and phrases used in academic writing. It will help you to express your ideas, arguments and evaluations clearly and precisely, and to produce successful written work. The Student Phrase Book: * Presents over 1,000 mid- to advanced-level words and phrases common to writing across disciplines * Presents these words and phrases within the context of common writing functions and sentences so that you can see why and how they are used * Gives definitions and other important information for many of the words presented, concentrating on the words that most often cause problems * Explains the differences in meaning and use between commonly confused words * Shows you what other words surround the key word, so that you can use it with confidence * Is for anyone who is not totally familiar with writing at university, whatever their discipline or level of study

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