Student Nurse Guide to Decision Making in Practice

Author: ASTON,L. ET AL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 160
Pub Date: 01/06/2010
ISBN: 9780335236640
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Quick overview Being full of scenarios, exercises, examples and links between practice issues, this student-friendly text promises to be an engaging book for nurse students on all branches.
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"This book is extremely enjoyable to read. The practical and real life exercises take this book to the next level and make a heavy subject enjoyable and educational ...a must have guide for all student nurses." Lisa Perraton, Student Nurse, University of Chester, UK "This book is an excellent study guide for student nurses which can be used in a wide variety of settings ranging from writing essays to putting skills into practice in the clinical setting ...The exercises given at regular intervals allow the student nurse to build upon their reflective skills and help retain the information given so I recommend student nurses to give them a try. Not only can it be useful to student nurses, it is essential reading for those who have, or are about to qualify. It covers in depth a wide variety of material which is presented clearly and is very easy to follow. The additional references given at the end of each chapter are excellent." Gem Smith, Student Nurse, Northumbria University, UK This practical book provides a framework to assist student nurses in developing skills as decision makers.
The book uses cases and practical examples to help relate theory to practice, starting with the transition to becoming a student nurse and moving through the different stages of a pre-registration nursing course. Key topics explored include: Learning to make clinical decisions Using knowledge to inform decisions Making decisions as part of a team Reflecting on practice and building a portfolio Understanding ethical and legal issues involved in decision making Making the transition from being a student to making clinical decisions as a registered nurse.Clinical scenarios are used to highlight key points within the book and reflective activities are included for students to complete and use as part of their portfolio and skill development. The Student Nurse Guide to Decision Making in Practice is designed to be used throughout the whole nursing programme, is suitable to all nursing branches and offers a useful guide for ongoing practice. Contributors Ian Simpson, Dawn Ritchie, Anne Bacon

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