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Storytelling with You - Plan, Create, and Deliver a Stellar Presentation

Author: Nussbaumer Knaf, C
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 384
Pub Date: 29/09/2022
Publisher: UNKNOWN
ISBN: 9781394160303
Availability: Available for delivery in 48 hours
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Product description

Be heard. Change minds. Get people to act. (Inspire them to clap.)

Whether presenting in a meeting, delivering a keynote on stage, or simply talking with your colleagues about your latest project, you play a critical role in how information is shared. You determine whether people engage, understand, and take action.

In storytelling with you, best-selling author and world-renowned speaker Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic prepares you to develop your story and deliver it with prowess. She unlocks the secrets that have propelled her from self-described introvert to sought-after presenter, distilling lessons learned into this immensely powerful and practical guide.

The journey starts by building the foundation for effective communication: gaining an understanding of your audience and message. You'll then learn to transform your ideas into compelling stories and illustrative content. Once the materials are set, you'll turn your attention inward and explore strategies to hone your delivery and communicate with confidence, preparing you for exceptional meetings and knockout presentations.

Give your hard work a voice and amplify your impact by communicating in a way that makes people want to listen and respond-storytelling with you will help you do it.

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