Stereoelectronic Effects

Author: Kirby, A. J.
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 96
Pub Date: 01/02/1996
Publisher: O.U.P.
ISBN: 9780198558934
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Quick overview Describes how stereoelectronic effects control the rules of engagement that operate when molecules meet. Aimed at undergraduate students, this book gives a 'feel' or intuition for molecules and what they are capable of. The treatment is non-mathematical and the treatment shows the student building up a simple way of thinking about Chemistry.
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Every serious student of chemistry should try to develop a 'feel' for the way molecules behave - for the way they are put together and especially for the rules of engagement which operate when molecules meet and react. This primer describes how stereoelectronic effects control this behaviour. It is the only concise text on this topic at an undergraduate level. This is an important subject area and the comprehensive yet concise coverage in this book shows students how to build up a powerful but simple way of thinking about chemistry.

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