Sport Foundations for Elementary Physical Education

Binding: Hardback
Pages: 216
Pub Date: 01/03/2003
ISBN: 9780736038515
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Quick overview Aimed at primary school and trainee teachers, this book gives a comprehensive and field-tested plan for employing a tactical games approach to teaching games and sports in primary schools. This is intended to increase students' motivation, enhance tactical awareness and improve skill development.
Product description

This book provides a comprehensive, applied and successfully field-tested plan for using a tactical games approach to teaching games and sports in primary schools. Teachers and coaches working with students should find this approach increases students' motivation, greatly enhances their tactical awareness and leads to improved skill development. Specifically, this book teaches the tactical games approach by game category: invasion games, striking/field games, net/wall games and target games. It is through this practical approach to teaching tactics, skills and off-the-ball movements using modified or conditioned games that allows greater flexibility for the teacher and increased transfer of tactics and skills across games for the student. For each game category, the authors provide three progressive levels, containing up to 30 detailed lesson plans. Each of the 91 lessons provides a tactical problem lesson focus, objective, games, practice tasks and sets of problem-solving questions and answers for ongoing assessment. Students can therefore experience the excitement of play before practicing specific skills.

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