Special Educational Needs, Inclusion and Diversity 3ed

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 728
Pub Date: 01/12/2015
ISBN: 9780335262908
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Tutor: Penny Webb
Department: School of Teacher Education & Development
Quick overview This book is a comprehensive textbook which discusses the major issues in special education.
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This book is a comprehensive textbook which discusses the major issues in special education in detail. Unlike most other books in the area it is very accessible and can be used as a broad introduction to the subject across a really broad range of courses e.g. for student teachers, trainee educational psychologists, SENCOs and SEN specialist teachers. The emphasis is on inclusion and the authors suggest practical strategies to maximise inclusion while recognising and supporting diversity. New elements and increased emphases for the third edition include: Increasingly diverse SEN arrangements/principles across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland within an international context. Transition, including school transition and transition to adulthood and provision/arrangements for 16-25 year olds Additional educational needs of specific groups, including children from Gypsy/Roma families and looked after children Multidisciplinary teamwork and multiagency collaboration Early years: developmental issues with SEN; identification and assessment; intervention strategies.
Discussion of how perspectives from contemporary disability studies on the one hand and neuroscience on the other have influenced thinking about SEN. Increased focus on implications of neuroscience research for education. Inclusion of a specific focus on Developmental Coordination Disorder. Diversity of special needs within the SEBD category and consideration of the value of subtype identification.

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