Solution-focused helper

Author: WALSH,T
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 248
Pub Date: 01/09/2010
ISBN: 9780335228843
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Quick overview This book will meet students' and practitioners' needs for guidance on how to become 'real-life' ethical solution-focused helpers in health and social care settings.
Product description

"Walsh's book is not only thorough, thoughtful, and clearly written, it is also timely because as SF practice applications with their parallel knowledge bases continue to multiply, the questions Walsh addresses so competently are cutting edge for adopting a SF approach to practice in human services." Peter De Jong, Solution-focused Therapist, Trainer, and Consultant and Emeritus Professor of Social Work, Calvin College, USA Based in part on original research with over 50 practitioners, this absorbing book provides a practice model for solution-focused helping, developed from real-life experiences across a number of settings. The book begins by reviewing the original De Shazer and Berg practice model, establishing a case for change and then introduces a new concept for the solution-focused helper. Case examples are used to demonstrate the application of this new model in five different practice settings: Healthcare Learning disability Services for older people and end-of-life care Community development Services for globalised diverse communitiesReflective exercises and research reviews are included for each setting as well as sections on policy contexts and ethical dimensions.
The Solution-Focused Helper will support students and practitioners who are already familiar with the basic concepts and principles of solution-focused work and who wish to develop their practice and deepen their knowledge.

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