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Social Psychology and Health 3ed

Author: Stroebe, Wolfgang
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 376
Pub Date: 01/06/2011
ISBN: 9780335238095
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Quick overview This book applies the most recent social psychological research to health psychology, arguing for an integrative approach to interventions.
Product description

Which behaviour patterns are detrimental to health?
Why do people engage in such behaviour, even if they know about its negative effects?
How can people be influenced to change their behaviour?

This popular textbook addresses these key questions from a social psychological perspective. Recent research has been added to the new edition including the author's own research into obesity, sexual risk behaviour, and the stressful consequences of losing a marriage partner through death. The epidemiological information and references have been extensively updated.

By integrating theories and research on automatic behaviour with the more traditional reasoned action approach, the book provides a new answer to the age-old puzzle of health research; why people engage in behaviour which they know will damage their health. The book also: Discusses determinants of health behaviour, based on the most recent research on social cognition
Includes a review of research on the health impact of health behaviour and stress
Considers how behaviour is influenced by environmental factors outside individual awareness
Argues for an integrative approach that combines psychological, economic and environmental interventions in order to reduce the potential risk to health arising from behaviour or stressful events.

Social Psychology and Health 3rd edition is essential reading for students taking social and health psychology courses. It is also useful for students of health and social welfare and provides a reference for health researchers and health professionals.

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