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    5 Essential People Skills

    £8.99 £9.99
    From one of the bestselling brands in business training, The 5 Essential People Skillsshows how to deliver a message to others with power and clarity

    7 Habits of Highly Effective People

    £15.29 £16.99
    25 years, 20 million copies sold! This 25th anniversary edition of Stephen Covey's beloved classic commemorates the timeless wisdom of the 7 Habits.

    A Burning: The most electrifying debut of 2021

    £8.09 £8.99
    For readers of Tommy Orange, Yaa Gyasi, and Jhumpa Lahiri, an electrifying debut novel about three unforgettable characters who seek to rise--to the middle class, to political power, to fame in the movies--and find their lives entangled in the wake of a catastrophe in contemporary India.

    A Dragon Realm Adventure: World Book Day 2023

    £0.90 £1.00
    A special World Book Day story in the epic and action-packed DRAGON REALM series from bestselling authors Katie & Kevin Tsang.

    A Fine Madness

    £13.49 £14.99

    A Girl Called Joy: Sunday Times Children's Book of the Week

    £6.29 £6.99

    A Line in the Sand: Britain, France and the struggle that shaped the Middle East

    £9.89 £10.99
    The untold story of how British-French rivalry drew the battle-lines of the modern Middle East

    A Pocketful of Happiness

    £18.00 £20.00

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