Sexuality and Patient Care

Binding: 7
Pages: 256
Pub Date: 11/11/1993
ISBN: 9780412470806
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Quick overview This researched and practical book is an excellent resource for nurses and other health care professionals.
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There is little material available to help nurses and other health care professionals to meet both the psychological needs and provide practical advice to patients with sexual problems arising from illness and disability. Men and women not only view the world from a different perspective but may react to illness from sometimes opposing standpoints, but both sexes are affected in terms of their self image, personal confidence and, therefore, their sexuality. Sensitive nursing care takes account of both differences of attitude and needs, individually expressed or unspoken. The authors of this researched and practical book provide: a history and contemporary picture of sexuality in cultural contexts, a discussion of ethical issues associated with privacy and therapy, case studies, cameos and discussion points, and a detailed plan for the teaching of basic sexual counselling. Patients sexual needs can be ignored, dismissed or handled insensitively, causing anguish that could be allayed by a better informed view of this dimension of holistic care.
Nurses and other health care workers should find some of the answers to many questions, both asked and unasked, in this original thoughtful book.

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