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    Sensory and Motor Strategies (3rd edition): Practical Ways to Help Autistic Children and Young People Learn and Achieve

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    ISBN: 9781839972720
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    AuthorLaurie, Corinna
    Pub Date18/08/2022
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    The fully revised third edition to Corinna Laurie's Sensory and Motor Strategies, an essential resource for professionals working with children on the autism spectrum. It sets out practical strategies to build independence and develop sensory and motor skills, with additional information on topics including dressing and self-regulation.

    In this fully revised third edition, Corinna Laurie sets out practical strategies to help autistic children develop their sensory and motor skills. Learn to identify possible challenges, recognise signs of overload and work in a co-productive way with your student or child, developing sensory regulation strategies and improving motor skills to aid well-being.

    The simple, low-cost activities provide practical solutions to help children meet the demands of any situation, building skills from handwriting and using scissors to improving posture, co-ordination and motor planning. Sensory strategies include calming techniques and simple environmental modifications to prevent overwhelm, among many others.

    Helping to improve functional abilities and enable children to thrive and build independence, this is an essential resource for anyone working with children on the autism spectrum.