Searching for a Rose Garden: Challenging psychiatry, fostering mad studies

Author: Russo, Jasna
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 269
Pub Date: 01/08/2016
Publisher: PCCS BOOKS
ISBN: 9781910919231
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Quick overview Explores alternatives to psychiatry developed by people with direct experience of extreme crisis and psychiatric treatment. Describes the origins, development, challenges and politics that inspired these international survivor-led and survivor-run grassroots approaches.
Product description

Searching for a Rose Garden is an incisive critique of all that is unhelpful about sanestream understandings of and responses to mental distress. Drawing on world-wide survivor activism and scholarship, it explores the toxicity of psychiatry and the co-option and corruption of survivor knowledge and practice by the mainstream. Chapters on survivor research and theory reveal the constant battle to establish and maintain a safe space for experiential knowledge within academia and beyond. Other chapters explore how survivor-developed projects and practices are cultivating a wealth of bright blooms in the most hostile of environments, providing an important vision for the future.

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