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    An Occupational Perspective of Health 3e

    £87.30 £97.00
    Preceded by: An occupational perspective of health / Ann A. Wilcock. 2nd ed. c2006.

    Applied Theories in Occupational Therapy: A Practical Approach

    £65.25 £72.50
    Provides a comprehensive overview of theories and frames of reference in occupational therapy. The origins of each frame is included as well as their objectives, function-dysfunction continuum, and views of change and motivation. The text also includes practical guidelines to assist with evaluation and treatment planning.

    Global Perspectives in Professional Reasoning

    £72.90 £81.00

    Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy: The Theoretical Basis and Practice Application of Group Intervention 5ed

    £90.90 £101.00
    In occupational therapy practice, well designed groups represent social and cultural contexts for occupational performance in everyday life. Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy, the best-selling text for over 21 years by Marilyn B. Cole, offers strategies and learning tools to place clients in effective groups for enhanced therapeutic interventions.

    Life Balance: Multidisciplinary Theories and Research

    £40.56 £65.00
    Addresses the various ways to conceptualize life balance as distinguishable among other positive state constructs. This book is suitable for occupational therapy and occupational science communities; professionals in wellness and holistic health; and those in psychology and sociology.

    Meal Preparation & Training: The Health Care Professional's Guide

    £30.76 £42.95
    Designed specifically for the therapist or health care professional, this guide demonstrates techniques which may be used to teach those with physical limitations or the elderly how to understand and perform tasks successfully in the kitchen. It addresses such issues as nutrition and safety.

    Occupational Perspective on Health

    £57.56 £63.95
    Uncovers a different way to understand health by exploring the physical, social, mental, environmental, and spiritual dimensions that lead to or result from occupation. This book is useful for clinicians and students of occupational therapy, as well as other professionals working in public health.

    Occupational Therapy Interventions: Function and Occupations 2ed

    £81.00 £90.00
    Provides the essential information required for occupational therapy practice in the physical approach to the intervention process. This practical and user-friendly text offers an entry-level approach to bridging the American Occupational Therapy Association's Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, Third Edition with everyday practice, specifically concerning interventions.

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