Author: Beckford, Robert
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 80
Pub Date: 20/07/2010
ISBN: 9780232528022
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Quick overview The complete book of Revelation, with an original introduction by Robert Beckford.
Product description

DLT Books of the Bible are designed to reignite a passion for reading the Bible. A selection of Christian writers and leaders have each been invited to choose a book (or selection of books), and introduce it anew for a modern audience. What most excites them about this book of the Bible? What should we look for as we read it today, two thousand years (or more) since it was written? In this volume, popular writer and broadcaster Robert Beckford introduces the apocalyptic Book of Revelation, and explains how he sees it as a revolutionary message for liberation and environmental movements today. Each volume in this essential new series contains the text of the selected book, from the New Jerusalem Bible, one of the most respected and readable modern English translations. Over time, this will build up into an outstanding collection of books - a contemporary perspective on what the Bible means to us today, and a wonderful way to rediscover the joy of Bible reading.

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