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    Religions in Focus : New Approaches to Tradition and Contemporary Practices

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    ISBN: 9781845532185
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    Pub Date01/10/2009
    Publisher: TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD
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    Presents religions as contemporary ways of life that motivate and inspire people. Because religious people refer to sacred texts, honour the founders of their religions, learn from elders, or mould their lives according to authoritative teachings, this work explains the relationship between tradition and contemporary practice.

    What does it mean to live as a religious person today? 'Religions in Focus' offers an introduction to living religions, examining the relationship between present-day demands and religious traditions, sacred texts and authoritative teachings. The essays examine how religion is expressed across the world; from Sikhs, shamans and animists, indigenous religionists in Africa and the African diaspora, to Muslims, Latter Day Saints, Jews, Japanese religionists, and Zoroastrians. 'Religions in Focus' presents an engaging analysis of religious life that will be of interest to students of anthropology and religion.