Reinventing HRM

Author: COOPER
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 296
Pub Date: 16/12/2004
ISBN: 9780415319638
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Quick overview The authors in this text review the most current thinking on HR initiatives associated with current organizational performance and investigate how the field will need to mobilize in new ways to meet the demand of this period of time
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* How do peak-performing organizations develop and nurture talent? * What human resource management practices characterize effective organization? * Why are human resource management practices becoming more critical for success in the new world of work? Organizational researchers have, during the past decade, consistently shown relationships between a range of strategic human resource management practices and organizational effectiveness. However, in spite of this evidence, few firms attempt to introduce these practices by changing their organizational cultures. This volume reviews the latest thinking and research evidence, and the reasons why it is not being applied in the workplace. It makes the case that human resources has become the only competitive advantage an organisation has that cannot be easily copied. Specific chapters consider: * the relationship of human resource management practices and organizational career development * the effective management of an increasingly diverse workforce * the development of managers for a global business environment * the relationship between HRM and the delivery of high quality services, the unleashing of innovation and creativity, and the creation of organizational speed and flexibility * practical solutions for bringing about much-needed change in organizational culture The authors ably demonstrate not only why reinventing HRM is vital to continued organizational success, but how this has been done in a variety of organizations in Europe and America. The rhetoric that 'people are our most important asset' has been realized in organizations that have made HRM a central part of their managerial accountability. With contributions from key thinkers, this is one of the most important books on HRM available. Mark D. Agars, California State University, San Bernardino Ronald J. Burke, York University David Carnegie, UBS, New York City Wayne F. Cascio, University of Color

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