Refugee and Immigrant Students: Achieving Equity in Education

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 275
Pub Date: 15/06/2012
ISBN: 9781617358401
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The focus of this book is on educational equity issues affecting immigrants and refugees around the world. Given that prior publications have given greater coverage to immigrant issues, the emphasis in this volume is on the complexities of delivering educational equity for refugees, no matter where they live. In creating this book, scholars whose research focuses on refugee education were invited to submit chapters, and special efforts were made to include contributors working with refugee organisations in camps, as government officials, or as program officers of international or local nongovernmental organisations. Daily life for these contributors is often fraught with difficulties such as environmental disasters, or conflict and violence. For this reason a number of our original authors were unable to submit their chapters; we thank them for their efforts regardless of the outcome.

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