Publishing your Psychology Research

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 160
Pub Date: 30/07/2001
ISBN: 9780761973379
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'The whole book is clear and well-written, and therefore should be easily accessible to anyone conducting research in psychology, although it is primarily aimed at those in the later years of a postgraduate course or the early stages of research career' - PsyPag 'Dennis McInerney's Publishing Your Psychology Research has bridged a gap in the research process literature, providing a well-oiled treaty from both insider and outsider perspectives as to what it takes to become a credible and published author' - Shawn Van Etten, Department of Psychology, State University of New York Institute of Technology at Utica-Rome 'Publish or perish' is the imperative in academic research. As students are now required to do postgraduate work in order to gain clinical qualifications, more are being exposed to the research culture than ever before. Academics are being pressured to increase their publishing output in peer-reviewed journals as a measure of their own and their university's success. Generally, researchers in psychology need to know how to get their work published in order to develop their reputation.Despite the pressure to publish, few researchers know how to write up their work in order to maximize its potential for publication.
This practical guide demystifies the journal publication process. Experienced researcher and author Dennis M McInerney shows how to plan for publication from the beginning of a research project, how to write publishable articles and how to approach journals. Examples are drawn from a variety of internationally renowned journals and psychology fields. It ought to become the reference point for beginning, as well as experienced researchers in psychology and neighbouring disciplines.

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