Psychological Problems of Ageing

Author: Woods
Binding: 7
Pages: 368
Pub Date: 26/05/1999
ISBN: 9780471974345
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Quick overview This book deals with the clinical psychology of aging, and the psychological treatment and care of the elderly. Many of the chapters are drawn from the Handbook of the Clinical Psychology of Aging, also edited by Robert Woods, with the addition of specially-written background information necessary for the intended audience.
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The understanding and treatment of the problems of ageing is a growing challenge for clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals. This book is directly focused on the training needs of such professionals; it brings together what they essentially need to know about the processes of normal ageing, the range of psychological problems that can arise, and the assessment, treatment and long-term care of ageing patients. The contributors are experts from the UK and USA, and the aim is to present evidence-based knowledge for training and best practice. Within this relatively concise volume the range of topics is wide From neuropsychological assessment to psychological therapies From individual problems to institutional issues, as well as family-based and community care From normal ageing to dementia, as well as major problems such as depression "...would certainly recommend this book to buy for trainee or qualified clinical psychologists..." - Journal of Dementia Care

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