Problem Postcards: Social, Emotional and Behavioural Skills Training for Disaffected and Difficult Children Aged 7-11

Author: RAE, TINA
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 132
Pub Date: 01/02/2005
ISBN: 9781412910743
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Quick overview Problem Postcards presents a series of social dilemmas for young people to discuss and find positive outcomes. The style is engaging because it follows the example of letters sent to an agony aunt with the young people having to compose suitable responses. There are also worksheets for written work.
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'This is an excellent resource for teachers and other education professionals who are developing their practice in dealing with specific issues in schools. It is concise, well designed and, in the introductory section, linked to current theory. It will prove an invaluable resource for teachers and others who want to develop the social and emotional skills of their pupils' - Special 'There is a wealth of supporting resources in the form of suggested warm up activities and the specifics are the problem solving format as applied to different situations. The accompanying CD contains A4 copies of all worksheets, which are accessible, eye-catching and should appeal to the target age group (7-11)' - Nurturing Potential This 14-session programme was initially developed for junior age children who had been permanently excluded. It has been adapted to assist young people who are disaffected and difficult, and could be at risk of exclusion. The format is built around Circle Time activities and solution focused thinking. The theme of each session is a problem postcard from a young person highlighting a problem that will have a relevance to the participants.The participants then try to act as agony aunts to solve the problem, focussing their thinking on how to make things better, proving to them that they do possess the knowledge and the skills and can choose these behaviours.
The resource includes comprehensive facilitator instructions, warm ups, activities, Circle Time questions and worksheets. The programme can be delivered to groups or whole classes and will: / improve self-esteem / develop your Social, Emotional and Behavioural Skills (SEBS) programme.

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