Power of the Next Small Step: What's the Best That Could Happen?

Author: Ghul, Rayya
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: 19/08/2015
Publisher: Connie Institute
ISBN: 9780578162768
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Product description

The Power of the Next Small Step is a self-help book which grew out of Rayya Ghul's practice and training courses in Solution Focused coaching and therapy. The book presents Solution Focused ideas in a conversational and accessible way so that anyone interested in taking control of their future can make use of them. The book is designed for ordinary people with the kinds of challenges which can face all of us; difficulty dealing with co-workers, being stuck in a conflict with a teenager, losing confidence after redundancy or deep sadness at the loss of a loved one. This book doesn't provide specific solutions to these problems, rather it gives you the power to generate your own route to move towards your personal goals using the skills, knowledge and resources you already have (but may have forgotten)

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