Postcards of Political Icons: Leaders of the Twentieth Century

Author: Roberts, Dr. Andrew
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 112
Pub Date: 01/11/2008
ISBN: 9781851243273
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Quick overview The twentieth century has seen perhaps more political upheaval and change than any other period. This book draws together a unique collection of images of the individuals who influenced and shaped the course of the century in the political arena. The result is a fascinating and unique insight into the iconography of political power.
Product description

Opening in the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II and continuing to the eve of the second Gulf War, Postcards of Political Icons tells the story of the twentieth century through images of its most recognizable leaders. The politicians who presided over the demise of colonialism, led the communist revolution, and fought two world wars are presented on these postcards in sometimes unusual-and often surprisingly personal-moments. Charles de Gaulle gazes impetuously, hands on hips, as he puffs on a cigarette; Yasser Arafat wrestles with chopsticks; while Benito Mussolini, known for his public performances, strikes a defiant pose. Reproducing many unusual and little-seen images, Postcards of Political Icons offers a fascinating glimpse at the iconography of political power-and the reality of the people behind it.

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