Politburo has decided that you are unwell

Author: J Waters
Binding: 7
Pages: 300
Pub Date: 01/04/2004
Publisher: The Liffey Press
ISBN: 9781904148463
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Product description

For nearly fifteen years John Waters has been a dissident voice writing in his weekly column for The Irish Times, invariably confronting the conventional wisdom on issues ranging from fatherhood and the official denial of the rights of parents and children, to the absurdity of Ireland's seemingly endless tribunals. He is known for an elegant representation of common sense in the face of ideology, received thinking, and self-serving cant. In these controversial and highly-charged pieces he revisits his principal themes and concerns of a most turbulent decade in Ireland and the world, providing an invigorating look at how Ireland and its place in the world have changed in that time.

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