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Pin-ups 1972: Third Generation Rock 'n' Roll

Author: Stanfield, Peter
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 320
Pub Date: 14/03/2022
Publisher: reaktion books
ISBN: 9781789145656
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Quick overview A sleazy, neon- and grease-stuffed chronicle of London's 1972 music scene.
Product description

Elvis, Eddie, Chuck, Gene, Buddy and Little Richard were the original rockers. Dylan, The Beatles, The Stones and The Who formed rock's second coming. As the 1960s turned into the 1970s, the crucial question was who would lead rock 'n' roll's third generation?
Pin-Ups 1972 tracks the London music scene during this pivotal year, all Soho sleaze, neon, grease and leather. It begins with the dissolution of the underground and the chart success of Marc Bolan. T. Rextasy formed the backdrop to Lou Reed and Iggy Pop's British exile and their collaborations with David Bowie. This was the year Bowie became a star and redefined the teenage wasteland. In his wake followed Roxy Music and the New York Dolls, future tense rock 'n' roll revivalists. Bowie, Bolan, Iggy, Lou, Roxy and the Dolls - pin-ups for a new generation.

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