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    Ballet Body Narratives: Pain, Pleasure and Perfection in Embodied Identity

    £48.83 £54.25
    Ballet Body Narratives is an ethnographic exploration of the social world of classical ballet and the embodiment of young ballet dancers as they engage in "becoming a dancer" in ballet schooling in England. This book sheds new light on the distinctiveness of ballet culture in studies of the body.

    Beyond Rastafari: An Historical and Theological Introduction

    £44.99 £54.25
    In this work, the author discusses the various beliefs and ideologies of the RastafarI movement related to Ethiopia. The author also challenges the misogynistic attitude of the RastafarI movement by rehabilitating the position of women through the figure of the Queen of Sheba.

    Christian Faith in English Church Schools: Research Conversations with Classroom Teachers

    £48.83 £54.25
    This is the account of a qualitative research project investigating the experiences of teachers in English church schools implementing the new pedagogical approach What If Learning. The findings of the project are significant for all those involved in church school education and point towards new ways of thinking about Christian faith and learning.

    Queering Paradigms II: Interrogating Agendas

    £43.38 £48.20
    Developing the intellectual project initiated in Queering Paradigms, this volume extends queer theorizing in challenging new directions and uses queer insights to explore, trouble, and interrogate the social, political, and intellectual agendas that pervade (and are often taken for granted within) public discourses and academic disciplines.

    Queering Paradigms III: Queer Impact and Practices

    £53.28 £59.20
    Incorporates the work of queer theorists and queer activists who are seeking new boundaries to cross as well as new disciplines and social relations to queer. This book includes sections that interrogates the impact of Queer Theory in studies of culture, nationalism, ethnography, linguistics, psychology, intimacy and activism.

    Queering Paradigms IV: South-North Dialogues on Queer Epistemologies, Embodiments and Activisms

    £52.83 £58.70
    This book is composed of research presented at the fourth international Queering Paradigms Conference (QP4), held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It intends to contribute to building a queer postcolonial critique of the current politics of queer activism and of queer knowledge production and circulation.

    Swimming Against the Tide: The New Independent Christian Schools and Their Teenage Pupils

    £41.49 £46.10
    This book explores what the role of religion should be in the education process of a modern, secular society, investigating a recently established network of small independent Christian schools in the UK. The research is based on an extensive survey of the attitudes and beliefs of the teenage pupils attending these schools.

    Virtuous Educational Research: Conversations on Ethical Practice

    £51.12 £56.80
    This book, built around a set of conversations with the author, aims to illuminate the lived reality of educational research. It explores the experience of research and asks what qualities are needed to face its challenges. Other books present lists of what to do and what not to do. Here, we find out what really happens - and why.

    Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften

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