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Path of Least Resistance for Managers

Binding: 7
Pages: 237
Pub Date: 01/04/1999
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler
ISBN: 9781576750650
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Quick overview This edition shows why most change efforts don't work and explains how to redesign organizations to succeed. It also shows the reader how to take structural laws into account when they restructure their own organizations, so changes they attempt to make do succeed, and they can achieve their goals.
Product description

Over and over, major multinational companies have found that their previous successes did not teach them how to be consistently successful. They routinely discard successful processes instead of studying and replicating them in other parts of the organization. Why? This text seeks to explain the reasons, with the author suggesting that they are just following the path of least resistance as determined by their organizational structure. The text also adds a missing piece to management literature, the structural causes of success and failure, and explains how to redesign the organization or team for success.

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