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Freedom Riders : 1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice

Paperback, 01/03/2007, £16.99
The author offers a meticulously researched account of the Freedom Rides, one of the most compelling chapters in the history of civil rights. The book paints a harrowing picture of the outpouring of hatred and violence that greeted the Freedom Riders in Alabama and Mississippi.

Black Rights/White Wrongs: The Critique of Racial Liberalism

Paperback, 25/05/2017, £23.99
Liberalism is the political philosophy of equal persons, yet liberalism has denied equality to those it saw as black sub-persons. In Black Rights/White Wrongs: The Critique of Racial Liberalism, political philosopher Charles Mills challenges mainstream accounts that ignore this history and its current legacy in the United States today.

Heart of Human Rights

Paperback, 18/05/2017, £29.49
This book is the first in-depth attempt to provide a moral assessment of the heart of the modern human rights enterprise: the system of international legal human rights.

Textbook of Family Medicine 2ed

7, 03/07/1997, £28.99
Defines and conceptualizes the field of family medicine. This book focuses on the patient-centered clinical method, illness narratives, the biological basis of family medicine, health promotion, the concept of risk, and the contribution of evidence-based medicine.

Complete Guide to relieving Cancer Pain and Suffering

Hardback, 31/03/2004, £21.99
Contains information needed for making a good living with cancer and with its miserable symptoms and side effects. Starting with why cancer pain is still an everyday tragedy despite modern medical techniques proven effective in almost every case, this work gives suggestions for coping with the practical problems of dealing with cancer pain.

Oxford Guide to United States Supreme Court Decisions

Paperback, 01/01/2001, £13.99
This reference offers a concise A-Z volume based solely on US Supreme Court Decisions. The book includes a new introduction and a new appendix comprised of the US Constitution, and an updated list of the nominations and successions of justices.

Parkinson's Disease Treatment Book

Hardback, 29/09/2005, £27.50
The definitive guide for patients and their families, written by reknowned expert J. Eric Ahlskog.


Paperback, 08/02/2007, £9.99
Traces how the notions of gluttony have evolved along with the ideas about salvation and damnation, health and illness, life and death. This book shows that gluttony was in medieval times a deeply spiritual matter, but in contemporary times, we have transformed gluttony from a sin into an illness.
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