Organometallics 2: Complexes with Transition Metal-Carbon Ï bonds

Author: Bochmann, Manfred (Senior Lecturer, Scho
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 102
Pub Date: 17/03/1994
Publisher: O.U.P.
ISBN: 9780198558132
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Quick overview This short text gives an overview of the organometallic chemistry of transition metals. Structural principles and reactions are illustrated with numerous examples. Together with the companion volume Organometallics 1, the text is suitable as the basis for undergraduate courses and revision.
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The interaction of transition metals with unsaturated molecules has led to fundamental insights in the nature of the chemical bond which, in turn, has provided the basis of important present-day applications such as transition metal mediated synthesis or homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. This slim volume outlines the chemistry and discusses the bonding in of some of the most important classes of organometallic compounds: the complexes of transition metals with Pi-ligands such as alkenes, alkynes, arenes, and cyclopentadienyl and allyl ligands. The material covered follows on from Organometallics I which covers the chemistry of complexes with metal-carbon delta-bonds. Synthetic and reactivity aspects of each class of compounds are illustrated with pertinent examples from the recent chemical literature. Highlighted excursions relate the fundamental chemistry to current synthetic or catalytic applications.

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