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    Olympic Visions: Images of the Games Through History

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    ISBN: 9781861899101
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    Pub Date27/04/2012
    Publisher: reaktion books
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    In Olympic Visions Mike O'Mahony explores how painters, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, architects and designers have portrayed the Olympic Games through history. Featuring a combination of beautiful illustrations and detailed insights, the book shows how images have shaped the way the Olympics are perceived.

    Since its creation in 1896, the Olympic Games has become a worldwide phenomenon viewed by billions across the globe. Staged every four years, people from every country find it difficult not to be caught up in the excitement of the games, from the lighting of the Olympic flame at the lavish, spectacular opening ceremony to the extinguishing at its close. Over the years it has become an honour for a city to be chosen to host this showcase of fitness, strength and skill. And yet despite a great deal being written on the subject, few books have focused on how the visuals of the Games can shape the way in which the events themselves are viewed - until now. In Olympic Visions Mike O'Mahony explores how painters and sculptors, photographers and filmmakers, architects and designers have helped to shape the consciousness of spectators around the world. The combination of beautiful illustrations and detailed insights into the world of Olympic artefacts makes this a crucial addition to the library of any sports fan or Olympic supporter.
    Olympic Visions will also appeal to those with an interest in art, photography, film or design, and will have a special relevance in 2012, when London plays host to the spectacle that is the modern Olympic Games.