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Nurse's Survival Guide to General Practice Nursing

Author: Storey, Karen
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 368
Pub Date: 03/09/2021
ISBN: 9780702080852
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Product description

General practice nurses are faced with the daily challenge of keeping up-to-date with a vast range of conditions and their management. They also need to be familiar with evidence-based practice to inform high-level decision making. This Survival Guide will prove a valuable resource to nursing students experiencing general practice for the first time.

Many universities across England now deliver 'Fundamentals of General Practice' programmes. This book will complement those programmes and provide essential information to assist nurses new to general practice.

For experienced nurses working in general practice there are essential chapters covering the latest developments such as leadership, quality improvement, PCN developments and essential clinical knowledge that highlight the changes in clinical care in recent years, plus an acknowledgement of the impact the COVID 19 pandemic has had on management of care.

This is an indispensable handbook for:

Defining the essential knowledge for meeting continuing professional development requirements
Understanding fundamental clinical skills to ensure best practice
Exploring new ways of working to consult and communicate with patients
Investigating ways to improve care delivery

Handy format makes for easy reference
Clear, bulleted content puts the emphasis on quick reference
Reflective activities
Diagrams clearly explain difficult concepts
Case studies highlight best practice

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