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Newly Qualified Secondary Teacher's Handbook

Author: Bleach, Kevan
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 162
Pub Date: 07/07/2000
ISBN: 9781853466823
Availability: In Stock
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Quick overview This handbook offers newly qualified teachers in secondary and middle schools a programme of professional development and guidance for their induction year. Features of the book include: a guide to the DfEE's induction requirements and support materials on key professional issues.
Product description

Written to coincide with the introduction of Induction Standards for new entrants to the teaching profession, this text aims to help to smooth the transition from theory and supervised teaching to independent reflexive practice. It provides a combination of explanation, challenge, practical activities and authentic case studies. The author acknowledges the importance of professional development during the induction year and advocates the gradual implementation and reinforcement of effective strategies for good teaching. He also urges readers to develop the creative, intuitive and "natural-born" abilities that help to fashion their own individual teaching styles. Though informed by the Induction Standards, the aim of the book is to help teachers set ambitious personal and professional expectations through which they will realize their full potential.

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