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Midwifery : Freedom to Practise? International Exploration of Midwifery Practice

Binding: 7
Pages: 334
Pub Date: 14/06/2007
ISBN: 9780443103124
Availability: In Stock
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Quick overview Presents the philosophy of the midwifery practice. This book discusses the aims and realities of achieving best practice under various circumstances a midwife may be.
Product description

This book deals with the central theme of freedom to practise midwifery in selected countries of the world. Each chapter has a separate author who has specific knowledge of the country for that chapter either as a citizen or researcher. Freedom to practise midwifery must reflect best practice, both individual and collective. Therefore the underpinning theme of this book is the philosophy of best midwifery practice - particularly that which is evidence-based. To clarify the meaning of the term, the book includes an initial chapter that discusses the aims and realities of achieving best practice wherever in the world a midwife may be and under whatever circumstances she may be working.

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