Media Handbook: A Complete Guide to Advertising Media Selection, Planning, Research, and Buying 6ed

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 256
Pub Date: 20/09/2016
ISBN: 9781138689169
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Tutor: Andrew Jackson
Department: CCCU Business School
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The Media Handbook provides a practical introduction to the advertising media planning and buying processes. Emphasizing basic calculations and the practical realities of offering alternatives and evaluating the plan, this sixth edition reflects the critical changes in how advertising in various media is planned, bought, and sold by today's industry professionals. Author Helen Katz looks at the larger marketing, advertising, and media objectives, and follows with an exploration of major media categories, covering paid, owned, and earned media forms, including digital media. She provides a comprehensive analysis of planning and buying, with a continued focus on how those tactical elements tie back to the strategic aims of the brand and the client. Also available is a Companion Website that expands The Media Handbook's content in an online forum. Here, students and instructors can find tools to enhance course studies such as chapter overviews, PowerPoint slides, and sample questions. With its emphasis on real-world industry practice, The Media Handbook provides an essential introduction to students in advertising, media planning, communication, and marketing.
It serves as an indispensable reference for anyone pursuing a career in media planning, buying, and research.

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