Meaning of Pain: What it is, why we feel it, and how to overcome it

Author: Potter, Nick
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 224
Pub Date: 16/05/2019
Publisher: Short Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781780723907
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Quick overview In this fascinating book, Nick Potter, experienced osteopath, takes us on a journey into biology, evolution and contemporary social behaviour and anthropology to examine our relationship with pain.
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We all fear pain and we will do almost anything to avoid it. We take to our beds, swallow pills, even submit to surgery and think we are solving the problem. But what if everything you thought you knew about pain turned out to be wrong or only half the truth?

In The Meaning of Pain, renowned osteopath Nick Potter draws on insights from biology, evolution and social behaviour to present a radical new understanding of pain and why we feel it.

Although pain is unpleasant, it is essential - nature's way of alerting us to danger - and is often a sign that something is out of balance in our lives. Stress and anxiety corrode our health in hidden ways and, as Potter shows, understanding this is crucial to treating pain.

In this sage and enlightening book, drawing on 25 years of clinical experience and success stories from his consulting room, Potter presents a timely, compelling roadmap for wellbeing, showing us how to break the vicious cycle of stress, pain and anxiety before the damage is done.

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