Mature Student's Guide to Higher Education

Binding: 7
Pages: 172
Pub Date: 01/03/2006
ISBN: 9780335217731
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Quick overview The Mature Student's Guide to Higher Education tells you everything you need to know if you are thinking about returning to education as a mature student. It discusses a wide range of issues including what higher education involves, how you should prepare for it and how to balance your time and cheque book once you get there.
Product description

This accessible and informative book will enable adults to manage the transition to study by demystifying aspects of higher education with regard to course choice, modes of study and what to expect. The "Adults' Guide to Higher Education" will encourage mature students to acquire a new range of skills, but also to develop the skills they already possess. It will provide guidance for adults who need to be aware of issues which affect their choice of course, their choice of institution and their chosen future career. In addition, it will help them know how to manage change, how to overcome barriers such as lack of confidence and how to manage time and family commitments.

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