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Management Skills for Effective Planners: A Practical Guide

Author: Reeves, Dory
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 288
Pub Date: 24/11/2015
ISBN: 9781137276995
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Quick overview Introducing students to the key skills they will need in a planning career, this book draws on case studies and the advice of professionals from around the world to show students how to develop their skills for success in the workplace.
Product description

In this practical and lively guide for early career planners, Dory Reeves sets out the key skills necessary to thrive in the modern-day work environment. Offering expert advice and in-depth critical analysis of the field, she further develops the reader's understanding of the specific personal and interpersonal attributes required to become a confident and creative professional planner.

Throughout the book, chapters use a wide variety of work-related situations that will help planning students and practitioners to think on their feet, and navigate their way up the career ladder. They explain how the benefits of networking and selecting an appropriate mentor can help in understanding, and working with, the structure and culture of a professional planning organization. At the heart of the book is the encouragement of self-reflection, as a way of appreciating the relevant workplace skills already developed through the `Lifewide learning experience'. End-of-chapter pedagogical features - including web-links, activities and a `final takeaway' - help to build on this. Developed from extensive research into the responses of planners and their managers to internationally-relevant questions surrounding planning, and through the substantial experience of the author in the field, readers will be best-placed to maximize effectiveness and job-satisfaction within the planning vocation.

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