Man on a Donkey

Author: Prescott, H. F. M.
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 720
Pub Date: 01/12/2016
Publisher: HEAD OF ZEUS
ISBN: 9781784977719
Availability: Out of Stock
Quick overview An enthralling account of Henry VIII's controversial dissolution of the monasteries.
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Sir John Uvedale had business at Coverham Abbey in Wensleydale, lately suppressed, so he sent his people on before him to Marrick, to make ready for him, and to take over possession of the Priory of St. Andrew from the Nuns, who should all be gone by noon or thereabouts. In 1536, Henry VIII was almost toppled when Northern England rose to oppose the Dissolution of the Monasteries. An enthralling novel about a moment in history when England's Catholic heritage was scattered to the four winds by a powerful and arrogant king.

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