London Jilt

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 212
Pub Date: 15/12/2007
Publisher: Broadview Press Ltd
ISBN: 9781551117379
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Quick overview This is the only edition in print of this entertaining and important early novel, which is written from the perspective of a seventeenth-century prostitute.
Product description

This entertaining novel's full title, which claims that it will show "All the Artifices and Strategems which the Ladies of Pleasure make use of for the Intreaguing and Decoying of Men," suggests that it is a cautionary tale. And in fact, The London Jilt is presented as the memoir of a courtesan by an anonymous editor who justifies its publication as a warning to young men. Yet the narrative is remarkable for its time in allowing the "jilt" to speak for herself, and she tells the much more sympathetic story of a woman who turns to prostitution only after her father is cheated out of his estate and she is thrust into the world without resources. Her struggles are as much economic as they are sexual, and include encounters with a wide variety of amorous but unsatisfactory men. This Broadview edition provides a critical introduction, commentary, explanatory notes, and appendices that incorporate selections from related contemporary works, including Spanish picaresque novels in which the narrator is a woman.

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