Living God and the Fullness of Life

Author: Moltmann, Jurgen
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 256
Pub Date: 27/11/2015
ISBN: 9782825416648
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A life founded in God is fulfilling, claims Jurgen Moltmann, while modern life without God has become diminished. For all its virtues and conveniences, it has left us frantic, isolated, and alone. By contrast, Moltmann turns to the promise of life trusting in the living God. His starting point is the biblical experience of the unconditional nearness, attentive love, and the inexhaustible vitality of God. God is neither immovable nor impassible nor remote from people but intimately involved with and present to each of us. What it means to live in the presence of God's love and the life of God is the subject of Part Two. The freedom and friendship of God's love awaken all our senses and give us courage to think and act, Moltmann maintains. In this way, human life may be deeply experienced, fully embraced body and soul, and joyfully lived. Jurgen Moltmann has written a wise yet very personal book. A truly fresh vision and a kind of theological encouragement, it brings together, in an alternative way of life, our everyday experiences and profound insights into the limitations and possibilities of human existence.

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