Learning to teach history in the secondary school 4ed

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 362
Pub Date: 20/10/2014
ISBN: 9780415869812
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In some hands, history can be an inspirational and rewarding subject, yet in others it can seem dry and of little relevance. Learning to Teach History in the Secondary School, now in its fourth edition and established as the leading text for all training teachers, enables you to learn to teach history in a way that pupils will find interesting, enjoyable and purposeful. It incorporates a wide range of ideas about the teaching of history with practical suggestions for classroom practice. The fourth edition has been thoroughly updated in light of the latest curriculum and policy changes, and offers a new chapter exploring subject knowledge for effective teaching and learning. Key topics covered include: * Purposes and benefits of school history * Planning strategies * Teaching approaches and methods * Developing pupils' historical understanding * Ensuring inclusion * New technologies in the history classroom * Assessment and examinations * Your own continuing professional development Each chapter includes suggestions for further reading, weblinks to useful resources and a range of tasks enabling you to put learning into practice in the classroom.
Written by experts in the field, Learning to Teach History in the Secondary School offers all training and newly qualified teachers comprehensive and accessible guidance to support the journey towards becoming an inspirational and engaging history teacher. Praise for previous editions...'This book is without question the standard text for the history PGCE market.' - Dr Ian Davies, University of York, UK. 'Full of good ideas and better advice ...Mentors will certainly want to use it, and so, I'm sure, will the rest of the history department ...Make sure they buy one, and keep your copy under lock and key.' - Michael Duffy, Times Educational Supplement 'A very well written and readable book. Overall, this is an excellent book and one which students and teachers outwith England would find a valuable addition to their library.' - Scottish Association of Teachers of History, Resources Review

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